Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

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Garrett has managed to create the most sought after and easy-to-use series of metal detectors on the market today! Ahead of the competition in EVERY respect, the Ace 150 is the exception to every rule. It’s affordable and fun, yet still made from high quality materials we’ve come to expect from Garrett Metal Detectors. With a rugged appearance that features a large LCD screen you will be able to easily adjust the three pre-programmed notch search modes, three depth levels and four sensitivity settings. A clear and audible target identification will let you hear treasures while a graphic target identification will put them right before your eyes! The ACE series was made to perform and provide the perfect introduction to metal detecting!


  • Total Weight : Weighs in at 2.7 lbs (1.2 kgs)
  • Frequency : Operates at a 6.5 kHz Frequency
  • Warranty : Protected By A 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Digital Target ID : Distinguishes Targets Conductivity with Digital Target Id
  • Discrimination Control : Eliminates Trash Targets with Discrimination Control
  • Audio : Provides Audio Feedback from External Speaker Built-In and Headphone Jack
  • Sensitivity Control : Adjustable Sensitivity at 4 Different Levels For Different Ground Conditions
Factory Included Accessories:
  • Detector Stand
  • 6.5x9" Search Coil
  • 4 Standard "AA" Batteries
  • FREE 2 Year Warranty!