Garrett Vortex VX5 Metal Detector - COMING SOON!

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Garrett Vortex Metal Detector: A New Standard of Versatility and Power. The Garrett Vortex is the entry-level model of the new Vortex series, designed to provide a superior detecting experience with its advanced features. Completely waterproof up to 15 feet and equipped with both single and multi-frequency technology, the VX5 is ideal for those seeking a reliable and versatile metal detector.

Key Features:

 - Waterproof: The Vortex can be submerged up to 15 feet for water detecting.
 - Frequencies: Choose between the powerful 13 kHz single frequency or utilize    - simultaneous multi-frequency options for optimal performance in various terrains.
 - Target ID Scale: Includes a single-level MD-MF target ID scale with three audio tones
 - Recovery Speed: Offers a fast and fixed target recovery speed for targets.
 - Portability and Weight: Lightweight (3 lbs, approximately 1.38 kg), the Vortex collapses to 62.86 cm and extends up to 144.14 cm, making it easy to carry and adaptable to various detecting scenarios.
 - Upgradability: The Vortex can be upgraded to higher models like the VX7 or VX9 through software updates, adding operational frequencies and advanced functionalities.

Search Modes and Additional Features:

 - Four Search Modes: Zero discrim, standard mode, US coin mode, and custom mode.
 - Backlit LCD Display: For operation in low-light conditions.
 - Rechargeable Batteries: Provides approximately 15 hours of detecting per charge.
 - Iron Audio: Garrett's feature that helps discriminate iron from valuable metals.
 - High-Resolution Ground Balance: 175 points to accommodate everything.
 - Volume Control: Adjustable for the built-in speaker and headphones.

The Garrett VX5 is an excellent choice for metal detectors needing a reliable device that adapts to different environments and detecting conditions. With its upgradeability and customization capability, it represents a smart investment for enthusiasts of all skill levels, plus a 2 year FREE Warranty!