Used Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector with Headphones

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Very nice used Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector with headphones with box.  This was a trade in and was kept in really good shape, no manual.

Tech Specs:

  •     Frequency : Operates at 18 kHz Frequency
  •     Total Weight : Weighs in at 3.03 lbs (1.4 kgs)
  •     Electronic Pinpointing : Pinpoint a Detected Target's Precise Location
  •     Digital Target ID : Provides Indication of a Target's Metal Conductivity
  •     Iron Audio™ : Emits Audio on Discriminated and Flat Iron Objects
  •     Adjustable Threshold : Allows for Manual Adjustment of Background Sounds
  •     Graphic Target Analyzing : Indicates a Target's Conductivity
  •     One-Touch Treasure Hunting : Powers On The Metal Detector
  •     Fast Track Ground Balance : Balances the Detector Quickly
Factory Included Accessories:
  • 5"x8" DD Search Coil
  • MS-2 Land Headphones

 ** All of our used Metal Detectors are tested and validated for functionality just as if they were new and we offer a full 30 day warranty on all used Metal Detectors.