Garrett MS-2 Headphones with AT 2-Pin Connector

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Garrett MS-2 Headphones with AT 2-Pin Connector.  Compatible with Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, ATX and Sea Hunter Mark II Models.

This model is built for a special few Garrett detectors: AT Pro, ATX, AT Gold and Sea Hunter. Field tested for quality and approved for the above Garrett detectors. Garrett says, "Find More Treasure" with our wide dynamic audio range speakers that enhance weak signals, have dual controls for adjusting and tuning return signals to suit your individual hearing requirements. Comfortable ear cushions and adjustable headband guarantee a comfortable fit for every head size. Good wide area of operation; 8 ohms per channel speaker impedance, frequency response: 30-18,000 Hz. A full length 10 foot reinforced coiled cord with the most IMPORTANT feature; a Garrett AT 2-pin water tight connector.


  • Speaker Impedance : 8 ohms
  • Frequency Response : 30-18,000 Hz
  • Connection : AT 2-Pin Water Tight Connector
  • Headphones : Comfortable Headband and Ear Cushions
  • Construction : Reinforced 10-Foot Coiled Cord with Right Angle
  • Volume Control : Adjust Signal Levels to Suit Individual Hearing Requirements and to Enhance Weak Signals