Metal Detecting Clubs

Clubs in Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln Detecting Club:

  • Meets on the third Monday of every month.
  • Club meetings begin at 7:00pm usually last about 2 hours.
  • Location is at Willard Community Center - 1245 South Folsom, Lincoln, NE 68522
  • Club Member discounts at Midwest Diggers
  • Discuss new locations & have fun meeting with new Diggers
  • Best finds of the month voting (win prizes!)
  • $25 yearly membership fee

2022 Schedule of events for the club:

  • Club Meeting - Tuesday June 21st at 6pm - Bruce's House Grill Out
  • Club Meeting - Monday July 18th at 7pm
  • Club Meeting - Monday August 15th at 7pm
  • Club Meeting - Monday September 19th at 7pm
  • Club Hunt - Sunday September 25th at 10am - Oak Lake
  • Club Meeting - Monday October 17th at 7pm
  • Club Meeting - Monday November 21st at 7pm
  • Club Xmas Party - TBA

Other Clubs

Midwest Historical Detector Club - Located in Omaha, Nebraska

Topeka Treasure Hunters Club - Located in Topeka, Kansas