Metal Detector (Rental)

Regular price $50.00

Rental Only - Rent one of our many Metal Detectors in stock.  Looking to have some fun over the weekend finding buried treasure or needing to locate your property pins or markers? We've got you covered!   Once you've detected the target the screen shows you how deep to dig.  No extra steps its automatically on the screen.  Display shows targets as you hunt, hear and see targets.  Adjust so you pick what you want to see and hear, hear and see it all or just the good stuff. Maximize detection depth in varying grounds.  Makes locating your target a snap, just push the pad! 

(**Available for rental only, must pick up at store)

$50.00 rental fee for 7 days of use.  Security deposit of $150.00 required at time of pickup which will be returned at the end of the rental agreement considering unit is returned in good working order.  A $20.00 per day late fee applies if not returned within the 7 day rental period.