1 cent coin Key Date Cheat card

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This is for 1 New, 1 cent Key date cheat card for Dates covering 1859 to 2018.  This Key Date cheat card contains the best known Key Dates and prices for the 1 cent coin.  No need to haul around a large book to instantly know the value of your key date coin once you dig it out of the ground.  We have over 20 years of experience using Garrett, Whites & Minelab Metal Detectors and have developed this great Cheat card that will provide you tons of the best Key Dates & prices for the years 1859 to 2018. This really will help you know the values of your coins instantly!!

You will receive the 1 laminated business card size with all of the following information listed on both sides of the card that is laminated so you can use in the rain if needed anywhere & anytime, It fits nicely into a wallet or vest as well.

  • The best known Key Dates and prices of the 1 cent coin for Dates covering 1859 to 2018.

**Please note that this is not for a metal detector or coin but is only for a Cheat card.