Garrett 11" x 14" DD Reaper Coil - (ACE)

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Unlock 25% More Ground Coverage with the Garrett 14″ X 11″ DD Reaper Search Coil for the Garrett ACE Series. Experience a remarkable 25% expansion in ground coverage compared to the conventional 8.5” x 11” DD coil. The Reaper coil emerges as the ultimate solution for navigating extensive landscapes, unearthing hidden caches, and effortlessly gliding over obstacles like stubble that often impede detection depth. Noteworthy for its prowess, this coil elevates detection depth substantially for medium to large targets, while preserving its sensitivity to smaller objects. Whether you're pursuing sizable treasures or intricate finds, the Reaper coil delivers unparalleled performance across the spectrum.

Engineered with rugged durability, this sizable coil can endure harsh conditions and is fully submersible, making it an exceptional choice for underwater exploration. Despite its substantial 14-inch size, weighing approximately 20 ounces (weight variations occur between models), it remains lightweight enough for prolonged usage without strain.

Reaper search coil cover is included.


  • Garrett Ace Series Detectors (NOT Apex)


  • 14" x 11" Search Coil
  • Elliptical Coil Shape
  • DD Coil Type
  • Waterproof