Garrett AT Pro Cheat card

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This is for 1 New Garrett AT Pro Cheat & Settings card that will help you find treasure fast! We have over 20 years of experience using Garrett Metal Detectors, we have developed this great Cheat card that will provide you tons of the best recommend settings, best target values to dig and ideas on where to dig and hunt for treasure & Gold when your using the Garrett AT Pro metal detector. This really will help you find coins and treasure fast!

You will receive the 1 laminated business card size with all of the following information listed on both sides of the card that is laminated so you can use in the rain anywhere & anytime.  If fits nicely into a wallet or vest as well.

  • The best known custom settings for the Garrett AT Pro
  • The best known listed target numbers to Dig (including what the target number represents, i.e. 70 = Indian Head Penny)
  • A listing of over 30 best known places to hunt and look for treasure

This is also a great gift idea for those just getting into metal detecting!

**Please note that this is not for a metal detector but is only for a Cheat & Settings card, specifically to be used for the Garrett AT Pro metal detector.