Minelab PRO-GOLD Gold Panning Kit

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The Minelab Pro-Gold Panning Kit offers the ultimate gold-prospecting experience. This set provides all you need to begin your journey and contains a dual-riffle 15" gold pan, a single-riffle 10" gold pan, a hex mesh classifier and a dual-riffle gold capture. The high-contrast color allows you to spot gold more easily and nested pieces create a compact, portable unit which comes with a convenient bag. This is a great kit for for Gold Panning, everything you need to get started:

  • 15” Dual-riffle Gold Pan
  • 10” Single-riffle Gold Pan
  • Hex Mesh Classifier
  • Gold Vacuum Suction Bottle
  • 2 gold vials & double Loupe Magnifier 3x & 5x
  • Iron-Separator Magnet & Gold Transfer Pipette
  • Nice Carry Bag & Getting Started Guide