Minelab Vanquish 540 Metal Detector Pro Pack

Regular price $499.99

Designed for the dedicated treasure hunter who always has a plan, the MineLab® Vanquish 540™ Metal Detector Pro Pack delivers greater depth and precision in any soils. Compact and lightweight, this powerful detector utilizes Minelab's Multi-IQ® technology to simultaneously search with multiple frequencies to accurately detect all metals in all types of soils. This all-terrain metal detector features 4 pre-programmed find modes (coin, relic, jewelry, or custom) to make detecting easy in all soil and terrain types without having to make any adjustments. 25 discrimination segments deliver control over what metals you want to accept or reject, while the pinpoint mode helps you narrow down the location of targets with extreme precision. Adjustable Iron Bias control lets you switch between High (default) and Low to help reduce the amount of unwanted hits. Automatic noise-cancelling technology, coupled with lag-free audio and 10 selectable volume settings, ensures you'll get the best possible readings. Detector also comes with a removable rain cover for the easy-to-see control panel with red backlit LED screen. Lightweight 2.8-lb. design features a unique collapsible snap-lock system for easy packing at the end of the day. The Pro Pack gives you both a 12" and 8" waterproof coil so you can choose to cover more ground and search deeper or detect more accurately and in tight spaces. Pack also includes Bluetooth headphones and rechargeable batteries.

  • Advanced metal detector for dedicated treasure hunters
  • Pro Pack includes 2 search coils, Bluetooth headphones, and rechargeable batteries
  • Multi-IQ technology for accurate, all terrain readings
  • 4 pre-programmed find modes
  • 25 discrimination segments
  • Adjustable Iron Bias control
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Noise-cancelling, lag-free audio
  • 10 selectable volume settings
  • Water-resistant control pod with easy-to-see red backlit LED screen and removable rain cover
  • Lightweight, collapsible design for easy packing
  • FREE 3 Year Warranty