The RTG Blade 51" Aluminum Beach Sand Scoop - Travel Version

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The RTG Blade Travel Version is a 7" x 12" V-shaped Aluminum Beach scoop with 51" handle.  This is a new beach scoop featuring an innovative V-shaped bucket that is ideal for water and wet-sand hunting. It features an attached an ergonomically angled backplate to the bucket to help make it easy to use your foot to push the scoop into the sand.

V-shaped bucket with an ergonomically angled backplate conveniently made into 2 pieces so it's a breeze to transport and travel with! Great for all beach hunting - works equally well in the water and wet or dry sand.


  •     7.5" aluminum V-shaped bucket with 9/16" punched holes
  •     Angled backplate
  •     40" aluminum handle with foot bracket support
  •     Comfortable rubber hand grip


  •     Handle: 1 1/4" diameter aluminum welded at a 20 degree angle
  •     Bucket: 7.5" W x 12" L with a 13 degree slope backplate
  •     Assembled length 51" (Top piece is 24"; bottom piece is 27")
  •     Weight 4.15 lbs