Midwest Diggers finds lost Wedding Ring

Posted by Nathan Schwenke on

After Memorial Day weekend Midwest Diggers received an email from Brian from Beatrice Nebraska that His wife had lost her Wedding Ring at a local park playing in one of the local parks with their family. The ring had bend lost only a few days when they contacted us to ask for help. At least they knew to get help right away before the park would get mowed. Brian contacted the City to get the ok for us to look for the ring and put a hold on the mowing. 15 minutes into the hunt the ring was found. We called Brian and asked him to come to the park to identify their ring........a nice big smile and a very happy person as the ring was found!  

Brian and His family also rented a metal detector and searched for about 10 hours with no luck before contacting Midwest Diggers. The ring was found in the sand around a playground swing set. They had gone right over the top of it detecting it themselves he said!

Congratulations Brian and Family on getting your families keepsake back where it belongs!!!